Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia)

Makerere University (Uganda)

University of Ghana

Check 4 – Academic Support

Each partner institution undertakes to provide academic support to ARISE scholarship holders at their institution by:

  • Setting up agreements with students on an individual work programme and on the workload required to pass any examinations or other forms of assessment (i.e. student agreements, learning agreements).
  • Assuring ARISE scholarship holder (all types of mobility) benefits of the same working conditions and the same health and security protection levels similar to the local students and members of the academic community.
  • Providing mentoring for ARISE scholarship holders
  • Keeping student records of ARISE scholarship holders
  • Arranging supervisors for research students
  • Arranging field trips for research students where necessary
  • Providing counselling for future career and work placements
  • Providing linguistic support
  • Awarding degrees to ARISE scholarship holders upon successful completion of the degree programme.